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Bare Minerals

So Iv’e just got into wearing Bare Minerals make up and I really love it! I think that the mineral foundation makes my skin look amazing, also the rest of their products are very good like their powder eye liners that you can wet to create a darker look and the lip glosses as they are so shiny and they also smell lush. They may be a bit pricey but you pay for the amazing quality that you get from them without a doubt. I would definitely recommend them for anyone young or old as it looks good on anyone!Image


Everyone loves snow! Apart from some people who are just miserable but thats their problem not mine. In previous years I have made a tone of things like a couple of igloos, some snow angels and lots of snowmen, one year I even made a massive father christmas! It took forever to make but it was worth all the effort! Its meant to snow tomorrow, the weekend and Monday so I wonder what I’m going to make this year? maybe a few reindeer to go with that santa!

School poll

panda docking station

panda docking station

hello world i just got a new and very cute docking station!!! it was just sitting there in the store and i new i had to have it :-P i have a thing for pandas and i cant get enough of them they are just so adorable and i love them so much!!! the sound quality is excellent and it can go really loud XD you can get them from Amazon but i got mine from HMV there £39.99 and there isn’t just a panda there is a cat, dog and a duck to!!!!

I love lip gloss!!!!

Some of my lip gloss

Some of my lip gloss

I love lip gloss so much its just so shiny and some of them even taste good like my lip smacker at the end, they’re not the best quality ever but there just so colourful and fun. I love my NYC ( New York Color ) lip gloss its very good quality and I love the colour of it, if you want to see their website click here. Vinyl Gloss by Rimmel London is also very good quality but so are all of their other products, it is the first on the left and if you want to see their website click here. MUA (makeup academy) products are good and they are also cheap, most of the products are only £1 which is great value, their Out There lip gloss is good and the colour is very strong if you want to see their website click here you can get MUA at supper drug. What’s your fave lip gloss???

Pink pastel jeans

ImagePastel jeans r so cute I have a pink pair myself (I love pink) and I wear them all the time.They look a bit like the ones at the top. These are from Asda at only £14. I got mine from Sainsbury’s but I’m not sure if they still do them. You can get them from load of other stores too. I also have pink converse to match and they look so good together!!! What I really want to get are some stripy jeans, coz they’re so hot right now!!! Like these

Hot Looks

My Free Gift!

omg!!! So I applied for a subscription on a magazine that I always read and the subscription came with a free gift. But, I didn’t get the free gift! It took ages and ages, 4 whole months later after I had pestered them and told them that I should be getting my free gift and their massive mix up. So a few days ago It finally came through the post, but I had 2 free gifts, sooo cool. one of the gifts was a ton of nail varnish and the other was make up. I don’t feel bad that i ended up with 2 it was their fault and they should have been more careful about not messing up. Anyway here are my new nail varnishes. Yay!


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